Is Your Child Experiencing Difficulty With?

  • Self Regulations skills and calming when frustrated
  • Concentrating and attending to tasks at home and at school
  • Self-care skills such as dressing, bathing or toileting
  • Fine Motor skills including colouring, handwriting and cutting
  • Body Awareness and Gross Motor skills
  • Social Skills

The Therapists at The Sensory Clinic offer specialised Paediatric Sensory Based Therapy to children and adolescents. Our Therapists work with parents, school teachers and other health professionals for learning in life.

What Is Sensory Based Therapy?

Sensory Based Therapy is designed to help the child or adolescent to interpret their environment fully through their senses thus promoting independence in life. Every second of our day we interpret our environment through our senses, but some people find this a challenge. Aspects such as focus, learning new skills, following instructions and attention can all be impacted upon when our sensory systems aren’t working properly. Sensory Based Therapy is a treatment and management approach for children with difficulties processing sensory information.

Children with sensory processing difficulties can have trouble combining sensory information in this way. The idea of sensory based therapy is to use movement, exercises and play to help children learn to register and use sensory information more effectively. The therapist plans and conducts a program that includes activities to stimulate sensory responses from the child, for example, responses to do with balance and physical movement. This might include things like swinging, bouncing or climbing. As the child learns to manage their sensory needs many sensory behaviours (avoiding or seeking sensory stimulation) improve and are more appropriate.

The range of sensory programs that we offer aim to assist each child with their individual sensory needs and focus on specific areas where needed. Many children may require therapy in one or more sensory area and these are combined to form an appropriate program for each child. Parents can implement the activities provided by their Occupational Therapist at home as part of a holistic program.