Self-Regulation Group

Self-Regulation groups are run with a maximum of 5 children with a therapist.

The premise of these self-regulation groups is to educate both parents/carers and children about “high, low and just right” engines using components of the ALERT program. Children are shown strategies on how to regulate their own behaviours, feelings and emotions and parents are provided with ways to implement these strategies at home. A full commitment to the 5 self-regulation session needs to be made prior to commencing, to ensure that participating children gain full potential form the group.

Aims of the group:

  • Assist families in dealing with problem behaviours at home.
  • Provide realistic strategies for each child involved.
  • Educate parents/carers about anger, resilience and the difference between problem behaviour and self-regulation difficulties.
  • Introduce children to “The Engine Story”.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to understand what “high, low and just right” engines feel like through specially tailored activities.
  • Assist children with their own self-regulation by providing strategies and examples of behaviours.