Initial Assessment

Initial Assessments are conducted over two hours, broken into seperate one hour sessions. These sessions are referred to as Part One and Part Two.

Part One

Part One of the assessment is a  discussion between the parents or guardians, and the therapist to gain insight into your child. This allows parents the ability to talk about their concerns without the child present, as this can be upsetting for the child. However, if the child is quite young and parents need to bring them or siblings this is fine and there is variety of toys within the waiting area that can be utilised in these situations.

This is also an opportunity to bring along any past reports from other health professionals or school. Allowing the therapist to gain further insight into the child.

Part 2

Part Two of the assessment is conducted with the child, however it is best if parents stay for the complete assessment with the child as most children  prefer a familiar adult with them in a new environment.

The assessment often consists of lots of movement games so make sure the child is dressed in something that they can move in. It is also unwise to eat just before an assessment but parents are welcome to bring a snack for after the assessment.

A variety or standardised and non-standardised assessments are conducted during the Part Two, depending on the information gathered and concerns raised within the Part One.

Following the assessment a report will be completed, taking approximately 4 weeks to complete, and therapy sessions will be booked where appropriate.

It is important to note that the therapist that completes the assessment may not be the therapist that begins therapy with the child. With a variety of therapists available The Sensory Clinic is able to ensure that the right fit between therapist and child.